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SHELBY COUNTY CO-OP offers residential, commercial and agricultural propane delivery and services in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Your safety is our #1 priority, that is why our drivers and technicians are certified and trained to ensure your system is safe. We have 24-hour emergency services, gas check procedures and a high standard for quality control. We strive to deliver high quality, friendly services in a timely manner. To better serve our customers we have multiple bulk tanks located in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Indiana operations are located in Shelbyville, Bloomington, Central Barren, and Underwood. Kentucky operations are located in Ekron and Shepherdsville. Ohio operations location is Ft. Recovery.

Our Propane Services

Lease or purchase propane tanks.

We have the option for you to lease or purchase a tank from us. Depending on availability and whether you lease or purchase, you can choose between a 500 or 1,000 gallon tank size in above or underground options.


Contact us for pricing and information.

Free Safety Inspections for all new customers.

Keeping you safe is our number one priority. That is why all new customers receive a free safety inspection before their first fill. There are a number of steps we take during this inspection to ensure the system is safe.

Automatic Fill Program

Spend less time worrying about your propane percentage. With our Auto-Fill Program our system will calculate when your driver should deliver. We use previous usage and the weather to forecast when your tank is starting to run low, usually 20%.

Call In

As a call-in customer you will call our office when your tank is reading 20-30%. This will allow our drivers to make your delivery before your tank runs empty.

Budget Billing

Don’t want a large bill all at once? Our budget program will give you the relief of spreading your propane costs over a 10-month period. Contracts are available in June for our Budget Billing; just call our office and we will send one to you. Once you sign up for this option your summer and winter rates will be locked in and you’ll be
automatically enrolled in our
auto-fill program!

Summer Fill
Price Program

Fill your tank during a time where propane prices are traditionally their lowest. Once SHELBY COUNTY CO-OP fills your tank during this time you are able to lock-in your winter rate!

Winter Lock-In

Don’t take the chance of paying market rate for your winter propane deliveries when you can lock-in your winter rate. When you lock-in your rate, you will choose how many gallons you want to lock-in so you know what your winter propane costs will be. (Summer fill from SHELBY COUNTY CO-OP is required to be able to lock-in your winter rate.)

You can count on SHELBY COUNTY CO-OP to provide the type of services and safety you specifically need.
Contact us today and see how SHELBY COUNTY CO-OP’s propane department can help you 317-392-5677.

Q & A

What is propane?

Propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or LP) is primarily a byproduct of natural gas processing and some propane is produced from crude oil refinement. Most of the propane supply is generated in the United States. It is highly flammable, colorless and virtually odorless. In fact, an odor is added to propane to help detect in case of a leak.

Who uses propane?

It has many uses but the most commonly known is its use in home appliances. Businesses use propane for some of the same reasons plus to fuel their forklifts. Agricultural businesses use propane to fuel equipment, dry crops and power irrigation systems. There are so many other uses for this versatile fossil fuel.

Why choose propane?

Clean – Propane is an EPA-certified alternative clean energy. It is non-toxic, meaning it is not harmful to soil or water.

•  Abundant – Since America is the leading producer of propane, we have more than enough in our backyard to meet demand.

•  Efficient – When compared to other fuels, propane delivers more BTUs for your dollar.

What size tank do I need?

The average homeowner uses 900 or more gallons of propane per year. There are a number of factors that play a role in the amount of propane a home will use. Some of those factors include size and age of the home, insulation, number of appliances in the home running off propane, and how many people reside in the home. The size of the tank you need will depend on an accumulation of all of those factors. We offer propane tanks to fit any home’s usage. Call our office today and one of our representatives will help you decide what size tank you will need.

Where on my property should my tank be located?

Depending on the size of your propane tank, there is a minimum of a 10-foot clearance needed around the tank. This includes but is not limited to buildings, ignition sources, property lines and ventilation. Your tank will also need to be within 80 feet of your driveway.

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